About us

The company was founded in Rijeka, Croatia, with the aim of realizing different ideas and desires. The founder is Iva Vavan, who believes that experience and sensation ‘drive’ people towards positive future actions, so why not provide them with something completely different from their everyday life, something memorable, and something that arouses the desire for more…

Iva’s vision is to create a distinctive brand for extravagant, unusual, and custom-tailored events.

Why should something be just in the movies?
I want to make unconventional events accessible and stimulate creativity in people. I want to help them find pleasure and restore inner harmony by learning to love themselves. To connect with their surroundings and regain trust.
The benefits of this region certainly contribute and elevate every Vanavi event to a higher level. We aim to save our clients time they would spend organizing events that matter to them but for which they are not specialized, often wasting their precious resources, which ultimately results in double costs and average project success.

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Our Mission

Creating experiences worth reliving


Do you have an idea but don’t know how to bring it to life?

All we need to know is:

  1. When do you want it?
  2. For how many people?
  3. What budget do you have available?
The most fun, unforgettable experience is created with Vanavi.

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Vanavi j.d.o.o.
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