Adventske radionice


Welcome to a magical world where elves become real animators, and children enter the Christmas enchantment.

This animation and interactive workshop is designed for little wizards aged 4 to 12 years old, aiming to encourage them to explore their creativity by making Christmas decorations from recycled materials. Each child has the opportunity to create their own little masterpiece, joining the elves in environmental conservation and imaginative creation.

Advent workshops

Adventske radionice za djecu

Decorating a small wooden Christmas tree becomes a true artistic adventure, as children weave their skills and imagination into every detail with smiles on their faces.

Dance and games become an integral part of the workshop, where every child feels like a little dancer in the magical world of Christmas music.

The workshop’s goal is not only to create beauty but also to encourage each child to develop their ecological awareness through material recycling. Additionally, animation games and interactive elements bring an extra dose of fun and education.

At the end of the program, Santa’s elves reward each child for their creativity and effort, providing them with additional joy and an unforgettable experience that they will remember throughout the holiday season.

Adventske radionice

The Advent workshop for children – Christmas Corner of Imagination, where elves are in action, and children are in the Christmas magic, is a true journey into the world of love for art, environmental preservation, and, of course, the endless joy of Christmas.

The most fun, unforgettable experience is created with Vanavi.