Enigmatic stroll through the forest

The forest can live without people, but people cannot live without the forest.

(Čedomil Veljačić)

Enigmatic stroll through the forest

Adventske radionice za djecu

Special nature tour designed to enchant and educate our young explorers aged 4 to 12.

This outdoor adventure is not just a walk but a true little marvel intertwined with riddles, songs, and valuable lessons about forest life, making it a delightful experience for parents to attend as well.

As we step by step explore the magical world of the forest, the animators bring every moment to life with laughter and songs echoing among the trees.

Riddles skillfully accompany us throughout the walk, enticing children to think, explore, and discover the secrets of the forest enchantment. Each riddle hides a story about forest animals, plants, and the importance of forest conservation. Children have a great time while learning about the diversity of the forest ecosystem, exploring every corner of the forest like true explorers.

Adventske radionice

We learn how to behave in the forest, respecting the nature and plant world that surrounds us.

Our young explorers become guardians of forest harmony, understanding the importance of preserving plant and animal species that make the forest unique.

Adventske radionice

The forest is not just a place for walking; it’s a magical playground where an interesting story always hides.

At the end of this unforgettable journey, our young explorers take with them not only memories of songs and riddles but also a deeply rooted love for nature and the world around them.

Enigmatic stroll through the forest – where every step reveals a new secret, and every riddle turns the walk into an unforgettable adventure.

The most fun, unforgettable experience is created with Vanavi.

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